BerMuDa interview mit Jeremy P. Caulfield

Jeremy, tell us how you became involved with BerMuDa and why it is an important event for you and your label.
I have been based in Berlin for a number of years now and i feel i am very much indebted to this city for who I am and what I do. Although my German has been slow coming as it gets better I realize Berlin is truly my hometown and therefore I now have a vested interest in it’s future. My wife owns a cafe here, I pay german taxes, I see myself here for sometime  etc etc so I feel it is very important to have a festival that strongly represents the music I’m involved in. It’s easier to help shape part of your community if it starts at what you know , I think the BerMuDa  group saw and obvious gap that needed to be filled and took it into their own hands to see something tailored to Berlin’s needs rather than have someone else come in and do it. That is why it is a true representation of the Berlin scene and why it's important.

Your event is a part of a party series called Pow!Wow which you have been doing for a few years now. Tell us more about what you always try to achieve with your regular parties and who you invite to play ?
Pow!Wow is the more intimate night of my two residencies in Berlin. It is usually just me and a live act, who usually is a good friend and or Artist from Dumb-Unit. Our Watergate is very spacial and is a big event. Pow!Wow on the other hand is always a happening party but it allows me to spend more time with the one artist or friend , etc. From guests such as Craig Richards, Dilo, Bruno Pronsato etc , Dinner is a bit more intimate, the time table is a bit looser and we can just “vibe” off each-other. Also friend just have a good time hanging out behind us in booth which is directly part of the party. But even at Watergate for the Dumb Unit / Vakant nights we close the VIP room. If they are really Very Important People than I think they should be on the dance floor (or close by) to make it a Very Important Party.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Seph, his album Alquimia and what we can expect from it ?
Seph and I have been friends for quite a few years, since he was a child .. No really , he’s 24 so he was a child. Seph’s music always rode the line of being not only dance floor oriented but cinematic and emotional as well. So obviously after much touring together and sleeping in his studio in Buenos Aires the idea and thoughts about an album began to develop. Even when working on someone else’s album i’m not one to just give it a standard cover and move on, We wanted something special that embraced the sonic world that seph created to be transformed visually . So Simon ou designer with together with good discussions came up with something that we all love. It speaks so much about the music inside. As for the album it self it’s getting great reviews and I’m very proud of it and Seph. Especially because a lot of it could be considered “Minimal” but it is taking back the name from those that used it to release dumb  garbage. Alquimia is what Dumb-Unit represents, stripped down textural music and Seph is one of the best at this ..

Seph and yourself are on tour now at some very respected clubs worldwide. What is special and interesting about a Dumb-Unit night and how would you describe it?
I have funnily enough answered this in various ways over the years but recently the answer has kind of stuck like this: Dumb-Unit presents a kind of sound that is accessible similar to many other labels or clubs, but Dumb-Unit tempers this with a darker, weirder and more playful vibe. Yet we achieve this without compromising the underlying backbone of the music. This is not always as easy as it may seem, it’s too easy to pick just some totally functional tracks that are almost like a paint by number of techno. it’s also too easy to bore people to death with abstract club experiment, It’s harder to keep it weird and unexpected etc but still keep the dancers moving , with carful consideration to timing, breakdowns etc. So I think clubs that take on a dumb-Unit night know we have a special sound, one that is connately in flux and changing yet will also be enjoyed by the dancefloor .

Many People will be traveling to BerMuDa from abroad, What would you tell people who are coming to visit for the first time ?
Well, as with any festival plan your days and nights well. If you are coming to Berlin for the first time don’t forget to check out the rest of the city and see how it makes your favorite artists tick. As well take some time to read about where to eat well and get prepared to party since Berlin starts late it’s important to hang out and get in the mood before hand: I like this site for food and interesting shops. . At night try to group some clubs in the same neighborhood otherwise you will be spending a fortune on cabs, Berlin is cheap but cabs are not and it'S a big big city . If  you are traveling in a group though it’s very reasonable. also if you are traveling in a group make sure it’s not a Penis Party and that you have both female and males present or else you won’t get in to some places ! Mix it up or find some nice ladies in line and offer to pay their entrance or buy them drink (god knows this might even help your situation in the future) finally :

Dumb-Unit Nacht 05.11.2010 @ WeekEnd
Jeremy Caulfield