BerMuDAY Events suitable for ENGLISH SPEAKERS

Besides the numerous parties and the BerMuDa Concerts there are 4 daytime events, which are suitable for english speakers. On friday there will be discussion panels by Resident Advisor and Exberliner at Prince Charles Club. On thursday and sunday we recommend presentations of two books which will be read by the author(s) in two Berlin bars.

BerMuDa LAB --> Discussion panels by RA Resident Advisor and Exberliner Mag on 8.11.2013 at Prince Charles

(4pm) Panel: Berlin is a Ghetto. Get me out of here! (Exberliner)

With: Schneider ™ (Musician/Producer), Fallon MacWillams (Publicist, Hustle PR), Beaner (DJ, Kater Holzig), Ervin Mariager (Music & Enterprise Touring Academy)

Moderation: D. Strauss (Exberliner)  


Berlin can be Kathy Bates in Misery: initially maternal until -- boom -- you've been kneecapped, and this city boasts a long line of local heroes who never seems to bother with a bus ticket to Duisburg, let alone a recording studio in London. How does one balance the comfort of being a DJ-around-town with one's deigns on immortality. Is Berlin the poppy field of The Wizard of Oz: you lie down for a nap and when you wake up, Skrillex has filched your sounds? How does one have any influence outside the Kiez?


(6pm) Panel: The status of the record buying scene in Berlin (Resident Advisor)

With moderator Will Lynch (Resident Advisor), Finn Johannsen (Hard Wax, Macro), Markus Lindner (OYE Records), Etienne (Bass Cadet Records), Christian Pannenborg (Record Loft)

The market for vinyl in Berlin is completely unique. Some two decades since the format's mainstream appeal disappeared, dozens of record shops still dot the city, some of which are respected around the world (Hard Wax, arguably the most famous of the lot, appears as a landmark on tourist maps). And it seems there's still room for more—in 2013 alone, at least three new shops found a foothold in Berlin. In a way this isn't surprising: the city is teeming with DJs, many of whom still play vinyl, often exclusively. But is Berlin's vinyl culture really as healthy as it looks? Could such a specialist product really be so lucrative? Is the market getting too crowded? And why is vinyl so popular in Berlin to begin with? On this panel, we'll take a look at the phenomenon of Berlin's record store culture with four of the people who are closest to it, from old hands like Finn Johannsen of Hard Wax and Markus Lindner of OYE to newcomers like Etienne from Bass Cadet and Chistian Pannenborg of the unlicensed shop Record Loft. 

 --> One Day Ticket (De:Bug MTT + BerMuDa LAB): 7€ (Presale: 5€ plus fees)




Literature and electronic music: an increasing interest in the happenings in and around the clubs in Berlin has generated a vast variety of interviews, columns, contemporary documentations, and stories in the last few years. And the same goes for books! On 5 evenings during the BerMuDa Festival, 5 carefully selected books will be read by the author(s) in a selected Berlin bar.

Thursday, 07.NOV (7pm - 9pm)

Book:The sound of Family– Berlin, Techno and the Reunification
-->read in english by Sven von Thülen and Felix Denk

Café Mein Haus am See
Brunnenstraße 198
10119 Berlin
Entry: Free!

Sunday, 10.NOV (7pm - 9pm)

Book: Lost and Sound – Berlin Techno und der Easyjetset
-->read in english by Tobias Rapp

Velvet Bar
Ganghofer Str.1
12043 Berlin

*** Entry: Free!