BerMuDa Lab "Vinyl City: A look at Berlin's record store culture "

18:00 UHR
With Finn Johannsen (Hard Wax, Macro), Markus Lindner (OYE Records), Etienne (Bass Cadet Records), Christian Pannenborg (Record Loft)

Moderation: Will Lynch (Resident Advisor)

The market for vinyl in Berlin is completely unique. Some two decades since the format's mainstream appeal disappeared, dozens of record shops still dot the city, some of which are respected around the world (Hard Wax, arguably the most famous of the lot, appears as a landmark on tourist maps). And it seems there's still room for more—in 2013 alone, at least three new shops found a foothold in Berlin. In a way this isn't surprising: the city is teeming with DJs, many of whom still play vinyl, often exclusively. But is Berlin's vinyl culture really as healthy as it looks? Could such a specialist product really be so lucrative? Is the market getting too crowded? And why is vinyl so popular in Berlin to begin with? On this panel, we'll take a look at the phenomenon of Berlin's record store culture with four of the people who are closest to it, from old hands like Finn Johannsen of Hard Wax and Markus Lindner of OYE to newcomers like Etienne from Bass Cadet and Chistian Pannenborg of the unlicensed shop Record Loft.
Prince Charles - Prinzenstr. 85F
10969 Berlin